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Welcome to our website
Our Nursery  is based  in Galbally on the borders of Limerick and Tipperary. We are a family run business for the past 75 years and we concentrate on producing top quality plants at affordable prices. They are guaranteed healthy and pest free. We invite you to inspect them to satisfy yourself of their quality and  good value.
Bare Root  &  Potted Plants
With many varieties Customers can choose either bare root or potted plants. Bare root plants will be cheaper.These are plants that have been grown naturally in a field .
Bare root plants are only supplied from November to April (exact dates depend on the weather) when they are dormant.We can deliver bareroot  plants to your door in 2-3 days.

Pot Grown
 have a very high success rate because the roots remain completely protected by the pots until customers re-plant them whereas inevitably there is some root damage to bare roots.
Special Offers- Bareroot Plants
(The bareroot season starts mid October.We offer you the following bargains.These are 1st Grade  plants.We have lighter cheaper plants at same height  if you wish)
Laurel  from €1.50 each.
Beech -2 ft.....€0.80  2.5ft.....€1.10    3 ft.....€1.25   3.5ft.....€2.00 each
Whitethorn €0.50 each  
Griselina from €1.00 each
Hornbeam for damp sites €1.50 each
Privet for a hardy fastgrowing hedge €1.50 & €2 each

Glas / AEOS schemes.
We have all hedging and native trees for Glas as well as AEOS schemes.
if you need plants for the 200 metre native hedge row contact us to discuss your best options.Contact us also for all your requirements for the native woodland option.
Whitethorn Blackthorn Holly.All hedging and broad leaf trees. Suitable for Glas. Dept registered nursery.

Special Offers- Potted Plants

  • Potted Laurel from €2 each

  • Potted Griselina from €2 each

  • Red Robin from €3.00 each

  • Green/Coloured Holly €3.50 each

  • 3 ft Leylandii Green and Gold €5.

Special Offer 8 ft Trees - Only €15 each.
We have a wide range of tall trees with a strong girth for just €15 each.This offer includes

  • Alder

  • Birch

  • Cherry

  • Oak

  • Rowan

  • Sycamore

  • Whitebeam and many more.

Special offer 8 ft  ornamental Trees - Only €20 each.
6-8ft Trees incl

  • Silver Birch

  • Red Maple

  • Variagated Maple

  • Cherry

  • Crab

  • Red Hawthorn

  • Whitebeam

  • Sorbus

  • Prunus Nigra

  • Cotoneaster

Above are just some of the bargains available ..Contact us for more fabulous deals on Trees Hedging Roses Heathers Native trees REPS &  AEOS trees & Whips.


Payment is secure through Paypal.
After selecting the plants you wish yo buy and the number of plants follow steps 1 to 5.Then you will then see a Buy Now button.This brings you to paypals payment page.
You dont need a paypal account.
There is an option for customers to pay by credit / debit card as guests.

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In Summary

  • We have excellent value in bareroot hedging.We have beech laural griselina privet buxus whitethorn copperbeech hornbeam hazel dogwood etc.

  • We have trees for aeos and reps.

  • Some varieties incl alder birch oak rowan whitebeam whitethorn crab apple .

  • We have potted hedging incl laurel redrobin ilex holly viburnum .

  • We have cheap trees & hedging in all sizes incl whips and strong tall native trees.

  • We have most fruittrees incl apple pear plum cherry gooseberry red/black currants raspberrries

  • We deliver nationwide.

  • Our trees are Irish grown.

  • A bargain guaranteed on trees, shrubs , hedging ,roses , heathers , fruittrees

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